The Art of Drink

Darcy O'Neil :: November 15, 2005 9:51 AM

Cocktails have been a part of the culinary landscape for over 100 years. They have evolved from simple one or two part drinks, to flavorful master pieces. There are literally thousands of ingredients to mix, which makes it possible to suit anyone's palate. The cocktail is also a cultural icon. They make movie stars look sophisticated and normal people feel sophisticated.

On this site you will find original content and very useful resources for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Included on the site is a transcribed copy of Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide. The first bartender and cocktail guide.

The mixology section has tips, hint's and other helpful ideas for bartenders or anyone interested in creating a great cocktail. The tips range from the recipe for simple syrup to the chemistry of cocktail ingredients. The site also contains personal reviews of cocktails, spirit's and selected beers. Cheers!

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