Fionn McCool Cocktail

Darcy O'Neil :: December 21, 2005 10:57 AM

Living in the "Great White North", some of the best icewine is in regular supply. Depending on your mood and the food accompanying your drink, straight icewine may not fit the bill. Icewine is almost always served with dessert, but this product has such great qualities it should be consumed more often. Now, the idea of making an "anytime cocktail" from this painstakingly produced product, might send chills up some peoples spine. However, this cocktail is very simple, highly enjoyable and retains the character of the icewine and is very similar to an icewine martini.

In an icewine martini you add ice wine to vodka and garnish with a grape. Some places add a small amount of Chambord, which tends to overpower the delicate flavours of the icewine.

The Fionn (Fin) McCool is a creation that uses Irish Poteen, basically high proof moonshine made from grains, and icewine. So I'm sure someone will ask why Poteen is any different than vodka, so here is the answer. Vodka is rectified to a basic neutral grain spirit and removes almost all traces of flavour. Poteen isn't treated as thoroughly and retains some interesting fruit flavours like banana's, surprisingly. This fruitiness compliments the icewine wonderfully. The other benefit of poteen is that it comes in a higher proof than most vodka's and allows you to add more icewine, and keep the alcohol content higher. The benefit of this is that sweetness is balanced by a higher alcohol level in a drink and you get a better flavour profile.

If you don't have poteen, just try an Icewine Martini. You really can't go wrong with icewine.

Fionn McCool

1 Part Icewine
1 Part Poteen

Shake with ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a fresh raspberry or blueberry.

Edit: Just a note on the name. Fionn McCool was an Irish hero from folklore. So that's the Irish part in the drink is Poteen. Then the icewine is the "cool" part in the name. In the end, it is just a unique name.

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