Octavian Cocktail

Darcy O'Neil :: December 7, 2005 1:50 PM
This drink was created because I was not a fan of the Caesar. For some reason I never acquired the taste for Clamato juice. But, the Caesar is the number one cocktail in Canada, so there must be something to this drink. Instead of fighting the favorite Canadian cocktail, I decided to pay tribute to it and develop something for people, like me, who don't appreciate the complex flavours of clam and tomato juice. octavianI wanted to create a drink that would respect the origins of the Caesar, an Italian restaurant. Also I need to include tomato's and the spices that make up a Caesar, or Bloody Mary. If I just did that, then I would end up where I began. So with a little thought and a random unrelated purchase at the grocery store I came up with the unique ingredients. Mango juice! Mango juice (puree is best) is pretty common and I originally used it in other sweet cocktails (Mango Thing) and desserts, but it also works really well with spicy / savory foods, like mango salsa. With the Caesar being a spicy cocktail, it gave me the inspiration I needed. Because of the colour, I decided to use yellow tomato's, which also have a different flavour then red tomato's. Yellow tomato's are sweeter and less acidic, which works well in this drink. The only other unique ingredient, and it is optional, is basil infused vodka. To make it quickly simply rip a few fresh leaves and let them soak in vodka for a few hours, this will impart the flavour to the vodka. The basil works very nicely in the mango salsa, so I decided I should try it in the Octavian, and it worked. To make the drink, simple build it in a mason jar or highball glass. Give it a stir with a celery stalk and viola, you have a great drink. Obviously, you can make variations of the drink. Some suggestions include using green Tabasco for less heat or using Inferno Vodka for more heat. Adding white pepper, instead of black, will make the drink look better since there won't be any black specs floating around. You can also use yellow peppers as a garnish, or squeeze the juice out of them and add it to the cocktail. A squeeze of lime is nice to balance out the flavours. The last question that needs to be answered is how the name for this drink came about. Well some history buffs may have already got the link, but for those who haven't studied ancient Roman history, Octavian was the adopted son of Julius Caesar.

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