Eleven Hours Behind the Bar

Darcy O'Neil :: March 16, 2006 10:24 PM

Well it was one of those days. I started at 10:30AM and finished at 9:30PM with a 30 minute break at 4PM. For those of you who don't work behind a bar, that is a long day (11 hours) . Basically, I was too busy to stop moving and now I'm dizzie. Actually it may be the bottle of Steam Whistle pilsner that I just finished off. Anyway, it seems I have a love hate relationship with my job. I love helping the customers, introducing them to new drinks and recommending food to go along with them, or just in general. On the other hand, we are still sorting out how to work behind this new bar. I have my ways, and they work great for me, others have their way and of course I don't necessarily like those ways. And then there are people who are brand new and have no particular knowledge about some things. Generally, because they are inefficient and lead to confusion. As a bartender, unless you are absolutely in the weeds, if you need something you should get it yourself. Do not ask another bartender, especially me, to do it for you. If someone places an order, fill it, don't pass it off, I'm already busy enough. If the fridge needs stocking, don't look at me and ask if I will do it, because I won't, I'm busy enough already. On the other hand, if the fridge is low on a particular beer, and I need it, I will get a case from the back. If the keg blows, I will change it. Also, don't switch people from the service bar to the "wood" in the middle of a rush because you think one bartender can make drinks faster. When twenty chits pop up in 20 seconds, no bartender is going to succeed, especially when it takes exactly 12 seconds to pour a proper pint. It's called a limiting factor. And the managers shouldn't call me "sport", I look young but I'm 34 and I'll put you over my knee!

OK, now I feel better. This seems to be my first rant. If there are other bartenders who want to chime in, I would love to hear your opinion about any of my little pet peeves.

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