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Darcy O'Neil :: April 10, 2006 9:54 AM

For my own entertainment, and education, I browse a bunch of drinking related weblogs. Each one is different and fills in a particular gap in the mixology world. Some do in-depth cocktail reviews, others discuss bar related issues and other write about spirits. All of them are on my weekly, and in some cases daily, reading list. Sometimes I post comments, and I should do more, but I seem extremely busy right now so I focus on putting three or four posts on The Art of Drink instead. If I haven't mentioned your website in this list, it's probably because I don't know you are out their, or you haven’t updated your blog in a while. If you have a blog that you want me to read, just post a comment with your link in the appropriate spot and I’ll check it out. There are many more websites that I read / browse, but today I'm sticking with blogs.

DC Drinks
This is a good blog that has some edge. The topics seem fairly random and range everywhere from spirit tastings, drinking and some odd topics that no other blogs seem to cover, and that’s a good thing. You will occasionally see Lonnie Bruner posting comments on the Art of Drink (thanks!)

Bar Mix Master
This is one of the first weblogs I started reading. The articles are posted relatively regularly (except lately) and they are in depth, which is good. The topics are bar and mixology related and tackle the enthusiast bartender.

Cocktail Chronicles
This blog is written by fellow Journal of the American Cocktail contributor Paul Clarke. His post are spaced out, but he puts a lot of thought and work into is posts. They are mostly about cocktails, but they are comprehensive reviews of the drinks. Almost like a research paper.

Days That End in Y
This is a cool new blog that is more like the Cocktail Daily News. If you need a quick fix on what is happening in the spirit world, this is the site to hit. Generally, there are two to three short articles published daily.

All About Bartending
This is a good blog with an angle towards bartenders and the things they would be interested in. There are spirit reviews and some posts about tools of the trade. If you are bartender, or want to know more about the trade, check out this site

Martini Lounge
Like the site All About Bartending, but this one seems to be from the angle of the customer.

Martini Republic
Another weblog that discusses mostly cocktails, but there are some writing gems by Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh, another contributing author in the Journal of Mixology.

Spirits & Cocktails
A cocktail blog written by Jamie Boudreau, head bartender at Lumiere in Vancouver. The site looks at cocktails and has some nice pictures. I’ve just recently started browsing this site.

Boston Cocktails
This site is relatively new to my reading habits, but it looks good and is regularly updated. The topics are varied from spirits to cocktails and other topics that span the spectrum.

Kaiser Penguin
This is a fairly new blog, but it looks pretty good.

Related Sites

The Scotch Blog
A good blog discussing scotch and other whiskies. Some product reviews and a lot of information on the whisky industry in general.

A Good Beer Blog
I can’t be a bartender without knowing about beer. This site does a good job of reviewing a vast array of beers.

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