Mixology Monday II: Round Up

Darcy O'Neil :: May 9, 2006 2:55 PM

MM-3.gifThe second edition of this mixilogical event was a success. The number of participants was double that (16) of last month, which is great. Hopefully we can maintain and grow this participation level. Rum seems to be the best spirit to mix with coffee, based on the cocktails created or reviewed in this edition. Both cold and hot cocktails made a roughly equal appearance. But, coffee based cocktails din't seem to work for everyone, but it is still a good read to learn from others errors. Also, when making the Flaming Coffee Grog, use caution if you like your eye brows.

Cocktail Chronicles: A Tale of Two Grogs
Flaming Coffee Grog and Hot Coffee-Grog are Paul's take on coffee cocktails. It seems Paul may have almost set himself on fire in this edition of Mixology Monday, but we are happy to say he is fine.

Kaiser Penguin
The Black Rose is a simple to make cocktail, but packs a lot of flavour with the addition of rich simple syrup and rhum agricole.

Ukranian Coffee is one international coffee I've never heard of until now, but here it is on Slashfood. Nobody seems to know whay it's Ukranian, but maybe that's part of the fun.

Boston Cocktails
The Carioca is a Trader Vic cocktail made with Kahlua and brandy. The addition of a raw egg white is interesting and can make a good drink even better by giving the drink a silky texture.

Slakethirst: Cafe Galliano
This is a brandy and Galliano based coffee cocktail. The drink is served cold with a heavy cream float. It's good to see Slakethirst back with regular posts.

What's Cooking
On a hot summer day, a hot Bailey's coffee just doesn't seem right, but if you throw in a scoop of ice cream and same heavy cream, not only do you have a great drink, you have a drink that will help during those hot summer days.

Making Food. Eating Food
When you love coffee this much, why not use espresso. The Espressotini is a vodka based creation that is purported to kick the groggyness right out of you.

Cocktail Jen
The handy Mr. Boston's cocktail guide was the quickly help guide for the Boston Caribbean Coffee. This drink is another coffee and rum combination.

Jimmy's Cocktail Hour
Jimmy had a little trouble coming up with a coffee cocktail, but he does write about some experiences with Black Russians and lists a number of specialty coffee's.

My Life As A Reluctant Housewife
This post was about Irish Coffee, but not only the recipe but a really good history on how the Irish Coffee came about.

Eating Leeds

Alex had great goals for this edition of Mixology Monday, but some unfortunate substitutions resulted in an interesting creation. The idea was good, just not the substitutions.

Spice Girl: Living, Learning and Baking in Ireland
The Caramel Martini is a concoction that peeks my interest because caramel is a great flavour in a cocktail and so is vanilla.


Here is another Espresso Martini, but this one wins hands down in the appearance department. If a cocktail looks great, it just naturally tastes better too.

Cook Almost Anything Once
After investigating the shelves at their bar they discovered three coffee liqueurs and proceed to try a number of good cocktail creations.

Adam Thornton and Amy Horton
The Coffee Cocktail is cocktail that has no coffee in it. This recipe is found in the Duffy and Haigh Bartender's Guide. It seems this is a hangover helper type drink which maybe was meant to replace coffee? I'm glad someone tackled this enigma.

MM-3.gifAnd last but not least, my original creation made with rum, vanilla, coffee and Cinnamon. My day starts with coffee, but I never seem to be able to finish a day with coffee. But a nice coffee cocktail every now and then would be great and now we all have a great selection to choose from. Thanks everybody.

Next months edition of Mixology Monday will be hosted by Rick at Kaiser Penguin on June 5th. The selected topic is Mint.

Ed. Kaiser Penguin link is fixed.

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