Moving from Moxie's to Mint

Darcy O'Neil :: June 22, 2006 8:22 PM
Well it is official, I have left the bar at Moxie’s for a better place. The new restaurant is called Mint and is a fine dining establishment. This new position should present a number of opportunities that Moxie’s couldn’t, including making real cocktails. Unfortunately, Moxie’s was stuck in the “liquid candy” style of drinks which wasn’t quit my style. Mint is a 60+ seat restaurant set to open in the first week of July. The bar will seat 10 people. Right now I’m working on the cocktail list. Luckily, the owner was a bartender when he first entered the Food & Beverage business, so he is very open to serving classic cocktails and modern creations. This should be a much better opportunity for me. As we get closer to opening, I’ll provide the updates.

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