Cameron's Auburn Ale

Darcy O'Neil :: July 4, 2006 7:53 PM
Cameron's Auburn AleWith the opening date for the new restaurant, Mint, coming up quickly, the choice of beers I want to stock is something I've been thinking about. The two beers on tap have been predetermined, Stella Artois and Alexander Keith's IPA, so that left me with the bottles. Aside from a short list of standard beers, I wanted to pick four or five beers that represented some great micro breweries and provide a range of flavourful beers. The first four that I've picked are Steam Whistle Pilsner, Robert Simpson Confederation Ale, Blanche de Chambly (wheat beer) and the beer I'm reviewing now, Cameron's Auburn Ale. In the future I'd like to add a few more beer to the list including Black Oak Pale Ale, Mill Street Coffee Porter and McAuslan Oatmeal Stout. But for now, let's look at Cameron's Auburn Ale. Cameron's is a small micro brewery located just outside of Toronto in Oakville. According to the brewery the auburn ale won two Golds and the Best of Category in the Canadian Brewing Awards and Silver at the Toronto Wine & Cheese Show. It was also chosen as Beer of the Month by international beer critic Michael Jackson. That's a good start. On the Beer Advocate website it is given a 3.75 rating which is pretty good. The beer is uniquely packaged in 9 and 18 packs, which make beer cubes.

When you pour the beer it has the best colour of any beer I've ever had the pleasure to taste. It is a bright brown / red colour, kind of auburnish. It is clear and bright with a light tan head. On the nose you get a whiff of hops and sweet, toasted malt. When you take a swig the beer is very smooth with a slight fruitiness. The malt is very clear on the palate and provides a fair amount of sweetness. It's not as hoppy as one would hope or expect, but that is also what makes it a bit more approachable. The finish is kind of toasty with citrus flavour. It finishes fairly long and is quite enjoyable.

The reason I picked this as one of the beers is that it is an approachable beer. It's easy going but flavourful. It can also replace a lot of commonly ordered beers such as Richard's Red, Sleeman's Honey Brown or any of the other darker ales. Cameron's Auburn Ale is also good for people looking for something different. It would be hard to offend anyone, except maybe a Bud Light drinker, with this beer. Overall a pretty good beer.

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