Cocktail Menu / List :: Part I

Darcy O'Neil :: July 5, 2006 7:23 PM
mintAs I mentioned in my previous post, the opening of Mint is fast approaching. Since I'm the bartender, I created a cocktail menu that balanced new and old. The drinks span a wide range from aperitifs, classic drinks and modern creations. A portion of the menu is dedicated to cocktails with mint as an ingredient. It seems a bit obvious, but when was the last time you had a properly made Mint Julep? The other thing to remember is that the city I'm in hasn't had a good cocktail for years, so it's better to start off walking than running.

The list of cocktails, and why I chose them is as follows:

Mojito: A classic mint based drink and one of my all time favourites. Simplicity rules the Mojito. The drink will use a true Cuban rum, Havana Club Anejo Blanco, fresh mint, simple syrup and a splash of soda. I might think about using Perrier because it works well.

Centaur: This is a brandy and ginger ale based Mojito. I've written about it before so I'll save you the reading, but you can read about it (Centaur Cocktail) if you've missed it.

Lotus Martini: This is a nice gin based martini style drink. It combined gin, mint and lychee fruit syrup. It also has Blue Curacao and grenadine, but they are added to make the purple colour, with little effect on the taste.

mint julep cupMint Julep:
This is another mint based classic and really simple to make. It combines Bourbon (possibly rye), mint, a splash of simple syrup and ice. I'm hoping to serve these in a traditional silver Julep cup, but finding an affordable one is proving difficult. If anyone has a source please let me know.

Mint Fizz: This is a simple, minty drink that uses vodka, creme de menthe and soda water. It's cool and refreshing and a good way to finish off a night after a bucket load of garlic.

If you were paying attention you may have noticed that the first five drinks on the menu each showcase a different spirit. Basically we have a different cocktail for rum, brandy, gin, whisky and vodka. This should cover almost anyone's taste, so long as they like mint. If not there are an additional thirteen cocktails on the menu that might peak their interest.

In the next post I will highlight what are referred to as "Bartender Classics." When I was coming up with them menu, maintaining costs was an important factor, so I couldn't make every cocktail according to Trader Vic, since rum costs a little more these days. But, when I was designing the menu I asked that a number of classic drinks stay true to the original formula, even though the drink will costs a fair bit more. Happily, my new boss is an awesome guy and said I just needed to tell him which drinks they would be, and price them accordingly. As a bartender there is nothing more that I could wish for. The coolest part is that I am allowed to use egg whites, so pretty much anything goes!

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