Cocktail Menu / List :: Part II

Darcy O'Neil :: July 6, 2006 6:44 PM
cocktail menuThe first part of the cocktail menu included a handful of relatively simple mint based cocktails. Sometimes simple is best, but there are other times when kicking it up is a good thing. Why do anything if you can't show off your skills? Of the five cocktails that are included, three are true classic and two are modern creations, one being my own. Each drink will be made using premium spirits, when possible. One question that might popup is why I don't have any vodka cocktails? Well, people seem to love vodka so much that they know what to order. I'm try to introduced people back to flavoured drinks and unique combinations. You can only fake a laugh so many times when someone orders a vodka martini, extra dry and tries to be funny about what to do with the vermouth. It gets old really, really fast so do me the favour and order something classic or original. Mai Tai :: Here is a drink that may very well be the best amber rum drink ever created, not necessarily the most popular. The cocktail is well balanced, fragrant and tastes exceptionally good. For the rum I'll be using Havana Club Anejo Reserva which is a flavourful blended rum. For the orange liqueur I'm using Cointreau right now until I can find a non-blue curacao that's available in Ontario. For orgeat I'm using Torani but hopefully I'll be making it myself, the restaurant kitchen is a bit busy at the moment. To top it off I'm floating Gosling Black Seal rum. The only fruit juice will be lime and there will be no grenadine. I've tested this drink a number of times and it hits the mark.

Ramos Gin Fizz ::
This is another great classic drink, but presents logistical issues. First we can't use raw egg whites, so rehydrated powdered ones will do. I don't notice a difference when using them, so it should work out. Second, the shaking issue. The original recipe calls for two minutes of shake time, which I don't have. I've created a modified method using an immersion blender and I can get the drink time between 30 and 40 seconds. It's not bad considering a pint of beer takes about 15 to 20 seconds to pour properly. If you missed it, I did a write up on the Ramos Gin Fizz.

Singapore Sling :: This drink, along with the Mai Tai, are the most abused drinks ever served at a bar. For some reason bartenders felt a need to keep adding juices and more grenadine, eventually it became a terrible drink. I intend to fix that and bring back the shine to this drink. For starters I'm using Plymouth gin, a good quality cherry brandy (Cherry Marnier when it is available), Cointreau and Benedictine. Then I'm splashing in some pineapple juice, and only pineapple juice, a squeeze of lime and dash of grenadine and maybe some orange bitters. Then I'll put an ounce or two of soda water in a glass filled with ice and strain the Singapore Sling into it. Putting the soda in first helps with mixing since the bubbles rise and create "updrafts" blending the stuff together. When done right, this is a great drink that always gets a second order.

Jennings Daiquiri ::
Actually this is called the Cox Daiquiri, but for some reason a lot of immature people can't say that name with out laughing, but they have no problem ordering a "Sex on the Beach" of or a "Long Hard Screw Up Against the Wall", among other sexually charged drink names. Anyway, the reason it is now called a Jennings daiquiri is that the creator the first daiquiri was one Mr. Jennings Cox. This drink was borrowed from Difford's Guide to Cocktails and modified slightly. Being a daiquiri it combines white rum (Havana Club again), Bols Vanilla, pineapple, lime and some simple syrup. It's a good combination.

Burnt Island :: This is a drink I create a while ago, but it always gets a positive response when I make it for someone. It requires a little more prep time (i.e. making the caramel syrup and cinnamon infused vodka / rye). Other than those parts it is pretty easy to make and I've already done a write up about it so you can read about it if you want.

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