What's New in the Cocktail Blogsphere

Darcy O'Neil :: August 13, 2006 11:32 AM

The world of cocktails and spirits is growing nicely on the Internet. More sites are covering the release of new spirits and others are documenting the creation of new and interesting cocktails. There are even blogs that report on the humour associated with the consumption of alcohol. It all makes for good, and interesting, reading. Since the last time I posted about the cocktail blogsphere, there are a number of new additions that everyone should check out.

Booze News
This is a new blog that reports on events and happening in the alcohol related categories. So far it looks like a good read and covers some areas that other blogs are not, so that is a good thing.

The Spirit World
Here's a blog that takes a serious look at spirits, not the ghostly kind though. Everything is covered including books, spirits, cocktails and historical stuff. Robert Hess (aka Drinkboy) is a regular contributor to this blog.

Jimmy's Cocktail Hour
Another good blog dealing mostly with cocktails. Right now Jimmy seems to be on a tiki and rum kick, but that's a good thing.

Republic of Rum
A new blog being authored by Wayne Curtis who recently released his book titled: "And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in 10 Cocktails." As you may have guessed, this blog deals mostly with rum.

Cocktail Jen
Jen is an self described amateur mixologist, but her cocktail creations are very professional looking and she is definitely a student of the classic cocktail.

On the House
This is a blog created by the trade magazine Cheers! The topcis are very diverse and interesting and some of the luminaries who post there include Gary Regan (Joy of Mixology fame) and Stephen Beaumont (The Beer Guy) who is also a knowledgeable cocktail enthusiast.                

A Dash of Bitters
Another new blog dealing with cocktails. This is a recent addition to my browsing list. A lot of good pictures and a regular contributor to Mixology Monday.

So there we have it, a lot more reading for everyone. Eventually I'll get a comprehensive page of links up, including other sites. Today's honourable mention site goes to Cheryl Charming's excellent bartending site.



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