Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere Part III

Darcy O'Neil :: September 1, 2006 10:57 AM

Cocktail BlogsIt seems that the number of cocktail blogs popping up around this Interweb thingy is growing at an exponential rate. Just over a year ago there were just a handful of dedicated cocktail blogs. The first ones I remember browsing were Cocktail Chronicles, DC Drinks, the Bar Mix Master and Slakethirst. There may have been others, but these are the first ones I started reading. The Art of Drink started in October 2005. Now there are all sorts of cocktail and bartending blogs, as you can see (Blogsphere I, Blogsphere II). Now there are even more, and that’s a great thing, so here are the new discoveries! Just as a side note, everyone of these blogs should participate in the upcoming Mixology Monday being hosted by Paul at Cocktail Chronicles.

Some of these blogs are more active than others, but in general they contribute some valuable info to the cocktail and spirit world.  Some these blogs are commercial entities and some are just people who are enthusiastic about cocktails, both are good. So here we go.

Imbibe Magazine
The publishers of Imbibe magazine now have a newly minted blog. It is basically a free supplement to their paper material and provides some extra material for those who can’t wait for the next edition of the magazine.

Liquid Muse
This is an enthusiast cocktail blog. As Nicole, the author, states: “The inspiration for this blog comes from my love of entertaining, and my appreciation for the perfect drink to complement an evening's theme, cuisine or mood.” I couldn’t have said it any better.

Cocktail Parlour
This is another brand spanking new blog that was delivered to us in August 2006. The site covers cocktails, news and other drink related topics. Kind of a news coagulator at the moment, but hopefully some original content will be added.

Drink Trader
This site is a commercial endeavour, that seems blogish. There is a lot of good news and product info on the site and is nicely designed.

Mondo Sismondo

This blog is written by Christine Sismondo who is a contributing author to Mixologist and has published her own book on cocktails, Mondo Cocktail. The blog is updated relatively regularly about drink related content.

Museum of the American Cocktail

This is another newly minted blog. This one is obviously for the Museum and right now it seems to be experimental. Check it out.

Drink Boy’s Blog

Almost everyone knows, or at least has heard of Drink Boy (Robert Hess). He’s the super dedicated cocktail enthusiast who has been partially responsible for Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail. His dedication to making sure cocktails are mad right is admirable. This blog has been around for a while, but is not updated frequently.
So, that is it for this edition. It seems every week a new cocktail blog pops up, which is great. If you have a blog dedicated to spirits, cocktails or bartending let me know and I’ll see if I can include it in round IV of Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere. Otherwise, a good way for your site to get exposure is to join in on the Mixology Monday blogging events.



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