Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere IV

Darcy O'Neil :: November 3, 2006 3:07 PM

Cocktail BlogsWell it’s time again to see what new cocktail and spirit based weblogs are doing. There are a couple of new discoveries, a good weblog with video podcasts and a couple of blogs “on life support” from previous Blogsphere updates. It seems the pace of cocktail blogs is slowing since my last update, but things are still moving forward, and that’s a good thing. If you have a blog, that is bartender, cocktail or spirit oriented and would like to be included in the next round up, just let me know. You can do it via a comment or drop me an email.

Jeffery Morgenthaler
Here’s a blog from a fellow bartender. It’s a good site that has a balance between opinion pieces, news and other stuff. His whole website is well done and contains a lot of information on bartending and other assorted stuff.

Brilliant Cocktails
Here’s a weblog that is incorporating video podcasts. The video’s are nicely done and the bartender has good technique, including fine strain a shaken Cosmo and stirring a well built Manhattan, but polishing it off through a fine mesh strainer. Excellent site if you are looking for proper technique.

Lyke 2 Drink
This weblog is updated frequently, sometimes multiple times per day. The articles are short to medium length and cover a wide range of topics. Everything from beer to alcohol related politics.

My Bar, Your Bar
This is a recently deployed cocktail weblog and looks promising. The site looks like it is a general purpose drink blog which reviews spirits, cocktails, beer and other such stuff.

AAA Bartending School
Here’s a bartender oriented blog. It’s not updated too frequently but they usually have good information when they do.

Honourable Mention

The Wine Wanker
This weblog is mostly wine and vine type material, but it does branch out into other areas like spirits and the odd cocktail.

On Life Support

Boston Cocktails
This website hasn’t been updated since August 8, 2006. All of the information is still available for browsing though.

Slake Thirst
On the last post it mentions that the site is not dead, just resting. Well hopefully once the site is well rested, some new posts will appear.

Fix the Pumps
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