Damn the Snow Cocktail

Darcy O'Neil :: December 8, 2006 1:45 PM

Well, living in Canada you expect to get snow, and usually lots of it throughout the winter, but when you get it all at once, it makes for eventful nights. In a period of 24 hours, 60 centimetres (two feet) of snow has been unloaded upon this region. Everything is now at a stand still, schools are closed, business are slowly opening and only essential people are being asked to go to work. Well being a bartender, I assume I’m essential, so I’ll be driving into the restaurant, later today, to provide people suffering from “cabin fever” some respite.

The good thing about living in the great white north is that when we get all of this snow, our road clearing crews clean the city up pretty fast. This means things will be back to normal in a few hours and the bars will open and people will go about their business. The weather always provides something good to talk about over drinks. This is especially true when weather events like this happen. As a matter of fact, just leaving the bar last night was the most interesting night I’ve had in a while.

At the bar I work I can look directly out the front window onto King street and see what’s going on. As the snow storm pounded the city, I watched as the snow levels relentlessly increased. Occasionally I’d take a box of empty wine bottle out to the back alley and take a look at my car, a Volkswagen Jetta. It was turning into a snow mound and the possibility of getting it out was looking bleak. At about 1AM most of the guests had left, so I decided to go and start working on my Jetta. Once I got started I realized I haven’t seen this much snow in a very long time. After about half an hour of digging and cleaning things started to look better. By then the other four people still working had made there way out and everyone was digging, brushing, freezing,  pushing and laughing.

To get three cars out it took the five of us about 90 minutes so it was 2:30AM by the time I got rolling, slowly, home. The roads were a mess, and the snow was still coming down heavily, but some of the main thoroughfares were still drive-able. I just drove down whatever street looked clear, which took me right down the main bar street (Richmond Row). The scenery was a little surreal. At 2:30AM most bars are emptying out, so there were hundreds of people walking down the streets, because the sidewalks hadn’t been plowed yet. Most didn’t have winter coats, because wearing a heavy coat at a bar sucks. The best way to describe it is like hundreds of snow covered zombies trudging slowly in one direction. The reason so many people were walking is because the buses stopped running and the cabs had wait times of over an hour. It was really an odd site seeing this, I wish I had my camera.

As I drove down Richmond row, two people flagged me down. I stopped and asked if they needed help. They asked if it was possible to give them I ride, so I asked them where they were headed. Luckily for them they were going in a direction that I had to pass to get home, so I told them to hop in. If I hadn’t given them a ride it would have easily taken them an hour or more to get home. With temperatures of -15°C, that would not have been fun. Plus I earned another $20.

After dropping the two people off, I proceeded to head home. All of the side streets were covered in snow that was to deep for the Jetta to plow through it. So I drove up and down the main street looking for a place to park. Well the plows had blocked all the driveways, so even parking at a variety store wasn’t a compelling option. The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck in a snow bank at 3AM in the morning when my pants, shoes and gloves are soaking wet. So I ended up driving up and down the street waiting for an opportunity to park my car somewhere and just walk the rest of the way home. After 15 minutes of this I decided to take a risk and plow into a variety store parking lot that had a set of tire tacks that I just might be able to take advantage of. After getting up to speed and just willing my way into the parking lot I successfully made it to a spot where I wouldn’t get towed and the car would be safe.  Also, it was only a five minute walk to my house, so my hands and feet would be fine and getting the car out would be easy the next day.

Anyway, after all that rambling it is time for a drink. For the occasion I just looked up anything with snow in the title and voila, Damn the Snow Cocktail seems appropriate.

Damn the Snow Cocktail

1 oz Gin
1 tsp Triple Sec
1 tbsp Orange Juice
1 tbsp Sweet Vermouth

Shake with ice and strain a cocktail glass. Top with an orange wedge.

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