Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere: Part V

Darcy O'Neil :: January 21, 2007 10:52 AM

Cocktail BlogsWell it seems that the number of drink related weblogs continues to grow, so it is time for another  “Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere”. As usual there is an assortment of enthusiast, bartender and other interesting blogs in this update. One trend I have notices is that the number of cocktail specific blogs is decreasing and the number of spirit review and bartender related blogs are increasing. All are important because I see it as a chain and if one link is missing, then the chain fails. We need good spirits and bartenders to make good cocktails. As usual, if you have a blog, or know of a drink related blog, that I’m missing just email me ( and I’ll include you in the next round up.

Thinking Bartender
George is a regular contributor to the Webtender forums and the Webtender Wiki. Some would say he is opinionated, I’d just say he’s passionate about his profession, and we need more people like this. George focuses a lot of time and effort on providing and accurate history of cocktails.

Tavern Wench
Ahh, the Tavern Wench. I came across this site because she linked to me, so thanks. Jen writes about her experiences behind the wood. Mind you, she does call my site a “little frou frou” and the “drinks impractical” but I've been called worse :) In my defence I whip out those frou frou drinks all night long in 60+ seat restaurant, without a barback, and serve a full menu at the bar, fine dining style.

Drink Shoot
This is a drink related site setup by Kevin over at the Scotch Blog. Anyone is welcome to contribute a story, article, spirit review to the blog and then the post is open up for discussion.

This is a newer blog that popped up on my radar recently. It is mostly spirit reviews with some additional content for your reading pleasure.

This is a blog from the online magazine world. Hungry is an online magazine dealing in “all things tasty” with a focus on the Chicago area. The URL is a bit unruly, but the content is good

Lamb Martini
This is the newest cocktail blog and was recently discovered during the last Mixology Monday. So far the website is looking good, but only has six post, but hopefully it will continue to grow.

Honourable Mention

John Hall’s Blog (Forty Creek)
Forty Creek whisky is a small independent Canadian whisky distiller, and one that I enjoy. John Hall, the master distiller, has created a blog to detail his experiences in whisky making and other things he does. Hopefully he will update regularly.

Put a Fork In It

It looks like Cocktail Parlour and Boston Cocktails are no-longer publishing, but they still seem to be online so hopefully they will be resurrected in the future.

Fix the Pumps
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