Cocktails and the Blogosphere

Darcy O'Neil :: January 30, 2007 9:02 PM

Tales of the CocktailWell it is official, the 5th edition of Tales of the Cocktail will be taking place in New Orleans from July 18 to 22. For those that don’t know, Tales of the Cocktail is an annual event that brings together the top bartenders, mixologists, chefs, spirit producers and authors to learn, exchange information and share a few drinks. This years event will be taking place at the, six hundred room, Hotel Monteleone and there will be a good number of events, many free, that everyone can participate in. One of the events is Cocktails and the Blogosphere which will feature myself, Paul of Cocktail Chronicles, Rick of Kaiser Penguin and Chuck of The Gumbo Pages. If you love cocktails and bartending, you owe it to yourself to attend.

Cocktails have entered a sort of golden age. Their re-emergence has been brought forth by the likes of Dale DeGroff, Gary Regan, Robert “Drinkboy” Hess, David Wondrich and Ted Haigh, among many others. But with all the work they have put forth to ignite the fire, the Internet has to be given some credit. For the continued interest First is was a few drink sites like Webtender, and that provided cocktail recipes and discussion forums for the interested few. But with anything, interest grows when the topic is discussed. As the Internet continued to grow, so did the number of people who were interested in cocktails. Eventually that interest caught on in the Blogosphere. Once cocktails hit the Blogosphere it provided a great way to present cocktails, history and techniques in a way that was interactive and fun.

Over the past few years the number of blogs discussing cocktails has grown from two or three to fifty or more. Every week there are dozens of posts discussing new cocktails, historical cocktails and everything bar and spirit related. This world wide discussion has helped the re-emergence of the cocktail immensely. But where does it go from here?

That’s one of the questions we will be answering during the Tales of the Cocktail event. Paul, Rick, Chuck and I will discuss what we think the is the reason blogs are such a popular way to discuss cocktails and what the future holds. Trust me, it will be a great session and we will definitely make it interesting. Currently only Chuck and I (Darcy) have bio’s on the Tales of the Cocktail website, but the other two should follow soon.

So book off a couple day between July 18th and 22nd, fly down to New Orleans and learn a few things, meet some good people and have some great cocktails. Plus you will be helping revive the city of New Orleans and its great culture. It is truly a great way to help the city.

Tales of the Cocktail:  Cocktails and the Blogoshpere

Saturday July 21 (10:00AM to 11:15AM)

Blogs have become an increasingly popular way for people with similar interests to share information and interact with one another. The growing arena of cocktail blogs offers readers an opportunity to follow trends as they develop in the bar and restaurant industries and among cocktail aficionados. Cocktail bloggers write about the drinks they find and develop, and delve into the creative process behind new and classic cocktails and fine spirits plus the interactive nature of blogs means readers can contribute comments and suggestions to the creative process.

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