Flora De Cana Grand Reserve Rum

Darcy O'Neil :: February 6, 2007 7:27 PM

Flora De Cana rumRum is probably my favourite spirit. It has so many variations and flavours that you could spend a life time exploring it. It can be enjoyed straight out of the still or aged for as long as any other spirit with all the benefits. It's also not as pretensions as the whisky crowds, well for now anyway. As rum becomes more popular and softens that “kill devil” nickname, people will gravitate towards rum for more than a rum and Coke or a random tiki drink. With that, I will embark upon reviewing my growing rum collection. The first review will be of a rum I've had for a while, but didn't pay much attention too; Flora De Cana Grand Reserve 7 year old Nicaraguan rum.

Nicaragua, to many people it is not quite a Mecca of rum. But don’t let that fool you, Flora De Cana is the main exporter of rum from Nicaragua and they are making a number of well crafted rums. Only in the last decade has Flora De Cana been exporting rum outside of Central America. They currently have two white rums, one aged for 4 years and then they have a number of amber rums that range in age from 4 years to 21 years. Flora De Cana was the first rum company to be ISO 900 certified, so quality is a concern for them, which is good for you.

Flora De Cana Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Bright mahogany brown colour. Very nice colour.

Nose: Light and smooth with characteristic rum aroma. No harsh alcohol. After letting it open up a bit, you get more of the oak aromas of vanilla.

Palate: Dry and spicy, with wood flavours. None of that overpowering molasses and vanilla that other rums seem to have. Very smooth with a slightly warm, slightly spicy finish. Has an astringency to it. After allowing the Flora De Cana Grand Reserve to open up, you can get some subtle vanilla and burnt caramel flavours.

This rum is much drier in nature than something like Bacardi 8 or Appletons offerings. It also doesn’t have that smokiness that Havana Club 7 Year does. The dryness makes it a good sipping rum, just add a small ice cube, or it can be used in a cocktail or tiki drink that you want to ease up on the sweetness.

Honestly, I like rum in a lot of drinks, but occasionally I get a craving for a good rum and Coke and the Flora De Cana Grand Reserve, with it’s dry nature, goes really well. But because Flora De Cana is fairly light in flavour, you need to go easy on the Coke, so pack the glass full of ice and add just a splash of Coke.

Flora De Cana Grand Reserve is a fine rum that seems close to whisky in nature. It’s the  lack of that heavy molasses sweetness, found in lesser rums, that makes this rum special. It isn’t as bold as a Jamaican rum (Appleton) not does it have the flavour profile of a Cuban or Demerara rum but it is one of those rums you should try.

Once I complete reviewing the rums in my collection, I’ll probably test them out in a Mai Tai show down. Stay tuned.

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