Cruzan Estate Diamond Rum

Darcy O'Neil :: March 4, 2007 1:07 PM

Cruzan Rstate Diamond RumThis rum reviewing sessions are almost finished, there are only a couple of more rums in my collection that need to be tasted. In this review I’ll be looking at Cruzan Estate Diamond which is a 5 year old rum from St. Croix. The rum is actually a blend of rums older than 5 years, but younger than 10 years. This rum has a long history, well maybe not this particular rum, but Cruzan has been distilling rum, in the Virgin Islands, since 1760. Making rum for that long means you must be doing something right. This is one of the younger rums in the review and probably won’t be as complex as others, but let us take a look.

Cruzan has recently spent a lot of time working on, and promoting, and line of flavoured rums which sometimes overshadows their classic rums. There classic line of rums consist of the Estate range which has the standard white and amber versions. Most of these rums are very young in age, with the label stating 2 years, but there is the 5 year old which is what I’m reviewing. They also have a black “navy” rum and a single barrel rum that has a maximum age of 12 years. So when you look at Cruzan, they seem to market young rums.

Cruzan Rum Tasting Notes

Colour: Light yellowish gold. Relatively light for a rum.

Sweet with molasses and that characteristic rum aroma. Mildly alcoholic.

Palate: Sweet, start with almost a refined sugar taste, not the heavy molasses that some have.  Smooth for such a young rum, but not so smooth that it lacks character. The finish is dry with woody spiciness and molasses.

The Cruzan Estate Diamond rum is a fairly mild rum, not too complex, and sweeter than many of the other rums I’ve tasted during this session. Depending on what you look for in a spirit, this maybe a good sipping rum and would work well in a simple rum based cocktail. I don’t feel it would work well in a Mai Tai or any rum based cocktail where the rum is playing first fiddle. This is a rum for someone who doesn’t want the assertiveness of other rums. Good for rookies is what I’m trying to say, but still pleasant enough for connoisseurs.

The last two rums on the list are Cockspur and Gosling Black Seal rum. Then that pretty much does it for my rum tasting, but the good news is that will lead me onto some rum based cocktails. Starting with the appropriate rum is the best way to make a seriously great cocktail.

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