Browsing the Cocktail Blogosphere Part VI

Darcy O'Neil :: April 8, 2007 10:34 AM

Browsing the Cocktail BlogosphereThe world of blogging continues to roll on. Every few months I find a few more cocktail and spirit related blogs that I add to my reading list. In the last few months the number of new cocktail related blogs has thinned out, so I’ve supplemented with a couple of spirit related blogs and a few industry related blogs. This isn’t anything new, but just an observation that cocktail blog growth seems to be stagnating. Also, anyone who has a blog should participate in the upcoming Mixology Monday blogging events (April 16, Champagne Cocktails). It is a great way to get links to your blog and generate interest in what you have to say on the matter. Blogging is only fun if people know about your site, otherwise you are just talking to yourself and that is just weird.

Dr. Bamboo
This is one of the new cocktail blogs that launched in February. Aside from discussing cocktail related items, Dr. Bamboo also does some fine cocktail artwork. The cocktails are selected from a couple of books, mostly historical in nature, but good none the less.

Booze Movies
Film and alcohol seem to go hand in hand. Booze Movies is the site that documents how cocktails, and other drinks, mesh with characters in classic and modern films. Some greats include Strange Brew, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Dumbo, yes the Disney elephant drinks. Who knew?

Liquor & Libations
Here is how three Vancouver ladies who run Liquor and Libations describe themselves: “We like a good glass of wine, we like to make cocktails, we like beer, scotch, tequila, sake, you name it, we’ll give it a try.” If Borat were to be quoted on this, he’d say “Very Nice!”. I like the idea of a “collective” for writing a blog, it should result in more interesting posts. Check this blog out, I think it has a lot of potential.

Dowd’s Spirit Notebook
Bill Dowd runs this site and a lot of the content is published in newspapers and other website columns around North America and the world. The site consist of spirit product reviews and some writing on spirit related events. The site is updated very regularly, but can be a bit unwieldy because the posts on the blog are continuous and long.

Bar Stories
This site is mostly about bartender related topics, but there are some recipes, beer and spirit reviews. For many people who enjoy cocktails, but haven’t worked in the Food & Beverage Industry, this site might give you some background.

Bitters Blog
Here is a blog from Europe that unfortunately I can’t read because it is published in German. I believe it is written by the makers of The Bitter Truth bitters.

Ministry of Rum
Ed Hamilton is a hard core rum aficionado and has a wealth of knowledge on all things rum. If you want to learn more about rum or have one of those difficult rum questions, check out Ed’s blog and website. He always seems available to answer questions.

Budget Vino
Now I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I like a good wine. For most occasions simple wine meets my needs, especially for cocktail creation. Budget Vino is a site dedicated to finding good wines in the $10 range. Good for people on a budget and good for bartenders who want to create wine based cocktails but don’t want to significantly jack up the price of the drink.

As usual, if you have a cocktail or spirit related site please let me know and I’ll include the site in the next round up.

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