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Darcy O'Neil :: May 24, 2007 10:13 PM

QuestionsWhen I get bored, I sometimes like to browse through the weblog my website generates and see where people are coming from and what they are searching for. Most of the access log is pretty boring, and repetitive, but scattered throughout the log are some interesting questions, that people type into their favorite search engine, and I get to see. Some are good questions, some are odd, and others…., well I’ll leave it at that. So, I’ve decided to answer a few of the questions here.

What is Orgeat?
Orgeat is an almond flavour syrup sweetened with sugar and sometimes contains orange flower water or rose flower water. It is commonly used in tiki drinks and Italian soda's. Here’s how to make Orgeat from scratch.

What tops skills do you need to have to be a bartender?
There are many skills bartenders need to have, and it depends on where you work, but universally these will get you started:
1. Strong work ethic, everybody likes someone who pulls their weight.
2. Good interpersonal skills. You work with people, so you better like them.
3. Good memory. You’ll need to memorize drinks, prices, peoples names, etc. So a good strong brain is important. This is one thing that a little practice will go a long way.

What is the best white wine for a Kir Cocktail?
Traditionally a Bourgogne Aligoté was used. I personally like a nice crisp dry (0) wine. A nice dry Reisling or Pinot Gris will work. Anything sweeter and the sugar in the Creme de Cassis / wine will make the drink sickly sweet.  

How do you open a bottle of Cuban rum?
This is a trick question because most people would say “you unscrew the cap and pour, dumb-ass”. But in Cuba, bartenders traditionally open a new bottle and pour a small amount (1/4 oz) onto the floor before making the first drink. It is done to appease the gods. 

How many calories does vodka have?
There are about 65 calories in 1 oz of 40% vodka. Most other straight distilled spirits such as whisky and white rum contain only about 65 calories per ounce, or ever so slightly more. So don’t listen to all those dirty hippies who say if you are on a diet you should drink only vodka because it contains less calories. Live a little, have some rum or scotch.

How do you get the salt to stay on the rim of a margarita glass?
Basic question but someone needs to know. You take a lime wedge and “run it” around the edge of the glass. Basically you moisten the rim and the salt will stick. Don’t try this with plain water, it won’t work. The natural sugars in the lime help the salt adhere.

What happens when you mix the energy drinks Red Bull and Monster?Dear god man, don’t do it! The resulting mixture could result in three things. First, it may generate a reaction so powerful that the universe may collapse upon itself. Two, it may be the signal the anti-christ was waiting for, resulting in the start of the apocalypse. Or three, you end up with a beverage that tastes like cotton candy, but makes you twitchy.

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