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Darcy O'Neil :: June 15, 2007 8:42 PM

TalesOver at the Cocktail Chronicles, Paul has been doing a great job of promoting Tales of the Cocktail and his (our) participation in a number of events. So it is my turn to let everyone know what is going on in New Orleans and try to encourage you to attend Tales of the Cocktail (July 18 to 22nd). Also, the London Free Press published an article about Tales of the Cocktail, The Art of Drink and all things cocktail related. So if you get a chance go check it out, it is very well written and regular readers of this site would find it interesting.

On July 18th at 7:00AM I’ll be boarding a Beechcraft B100 series aircraft (aka a sewer pipe with wings) in Flint, Michigan on the first leg of my journey to New Orleans. At about 10:37AM, weather permitting, I’ll land in New Orleans and head to the Hotel Monteleone for five days of liver killing good fun. Actually, I’m pretty sure my liver will be fine, but it is still going to be five days a tasting the best drink on the planet. This is no joke, the top mixologists from around the world will be participating at Tales of the Cocktail and all of them will be bringing their “A” game.

On the first day I will be participating in Ed Hamilton’s Rum Tasting event. This event is spread over two days and we will be tasting approximately 120 rums from around the world. Ed runs the Ministry of Rum and is a true expert on rums, dedicating his life to exploring the spirit they call Kill-Devil.

After the rum sessions, I will be spending a great evening (Thursday, July 19th) with Chef Chris Debarr at The Delachaise restaurant in New Orleans. Along with Paul and Chef Chris, we have created five cocktails that will be paired up with a five entree menu created by Chef Chris for this event. Chef Chris DeBarr was voted Best Chef in New Orleans by New Orleans Magazine so if you want to taste some great food you should register to join us at The Delachaise for an unforgettable night. The Cocktail Chronicles has an excellent write up about the event so go read it: Who is this man and why should you care?

After that I’ll be enjoying the Friday as my “free day” to do whatever I want. There is a little preparation work to do with Rick (Kaiser Penguin), Chuck Taggart (Gumbo Pages), and Paul for the Saturday morning Cocktails and the Blogosphere session, but that could probably be done over lunch. I’ll probably take in a few of the great sessions including Prohibition’s Shadow with Robert “Drinkboy” Hess and John Hall of Forty Creek whisky. I just might also visit the Bar Chef Competition being run by Dale DeGroff with commentary by Kevin Brauch of the Food Network. I think there is also a VIP diner which I’ll be attending that evening.

Saturday starts off relatively early with the 10:00AM Cocktails and the Blogosphere session being hosted by Paul, with Rick, Chuck and myself sitting as panel members. After that I’ll probably attend a few more sessions like the Tiki Drinks from A to Z by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.

After that the week will start to wrap up and on Sunday I’ll find myself boarding a plane on a direct flight to Detroit and then a two hour car ride home to reflect upon what a great event Tales of the Cocktail was, and will be in the future.

During the event I will be regularily updating this site with news from the day. Also, if you will be attending Tales of the Cocktail let me know and we’ll schedule some time for a drink at the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone, the best bar in New Orleans, so they say.

If you haven’t read the London Free Press article  yet, go do so, I’m not sure how long it will be available online.

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