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Darcy O'Neil :: June 27, 2007 7:02 PM

The Art of DrinkWhat do you do after almost two years of blogging about cocktails and spirits? Some people let their blogs decay into irrelevance, others continue with the status quo and others decide to move to the next level. What’s the next level you ask? Well hopefully bringing more content to the site, such as videos (which I’m really interested in doing, but only if they are done professionally), mixology research and increased posting frequency. But to achieve that, without dropping my standard of living, which would make my wife very unhappy, requires some form of income. So providing ad space for food and beverage related companies can help bring this site to the next level. If I spend anymore time on the Internet my wife could very well have me checked into an Internet Addiction Rehab Center. After the last “intervention” type incident, I promised her that my time spent on the Internet was to be for beneficial purposes only. If I can prove to her that writing this blog is part of my employment income then we’re golden.

The inaugural group of bloggers in this ad network are Jeffrey Morgenthaler, The Liquid Muse, The Cocktail Chronicles, A Dash of Bitters, Cocktailnerd Jimmy’s Cocktail HourKaiser Penguin and The Art of Drink. We decided that as a group we can offer more to a potential advertisers than as individuals. In the future we will be accepting additional sites, but for now we need to gauge the response from potential advertisers. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email me. If you are a company looking to market your products please check out the press release below.

Bloggers Launch Spirit and Cocktail Advertising Co-op

In the past few years the revival of the cocktail has resonated around the world. This new popularity has been helped along by shows like Sex and the City, and by events like the annual Tales of the Cocktail conference in New Orleans. This growth has coincided with the development of a great number of websites that celebrate great cocktails and use a chef-like approach to their drink creations. A significant part of today’s cocktail renaissance is being driven by a group of dedicated cocktail and spirits bloggers who have made intelligent cocktail discussions a reality, and have created a community of like-minded individuals wanting to learn more about this intriguing culinary art form.

Because of the rapid growth and increased competition in the beverage industry, many companies are looking for better ways to connect with customers. Participation in Internet communities has been demonstrated to be a great way of staying connected to customers.

To facilitate the inclusion of food and beverage companies into this growing online community, a group of bloggers has created the Spirits and Cocktail advertising “Hive”, through BlogAds, that allows companies to purchase premium ad space on the participating sites. The initial group of sites includes The Art of Drink, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, The Liquid Muse, The Cocktail Chronicles, A Dash of Bitters, Cocktailnerd and Kaiser Penguin. These blogs are written by bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, restaurant / bar owners and industry experts, and together they represent the best the web has to offer in modern cocktail creation and spirits reviews. Additional sites will be added in coming months.

This advertising co-op offers participating companies approximately 50,000 highly target ad impressions per week, from people who are keenly interested in their products. The readers of these blogs are people who are looking for quality products for use in cocktail creation. They have an interest in learning about new liquors, bar tools, techniques, books and related beverages.

Industry participation helps to support the bloggers who provide a valuable service to the industry. Not only do these websites provide opinion and discussion for a wide variety of products, they also promote responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks by focusing on quality instead of quantity, these bloggers believe and promote the idea of “Drink Better, Not More.”

For more information please visit the Spirits and Cocktails Hive on the BlogAds site.

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