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Darcy O'Neil :: July 11, 2007 9:15 PM

Airforce_nutrisoda_calmCarbonated beverages play a significant role in the word of mixology. Coke, Pepsi, 7–Up, Sprite and the list goes on and on have all helped make a better cocktail. The Cuba Libra wouldn’t exist without it, nor would the Pimms Cup or the 7&7. They all require some sort of sugar laden, carbonated beverage to make them shine. But people are changing their drinking habits, they are starting to look at how many calories are in a drink. Say good bye Colorado Bulldog with your Coke and cream combination. People want good drinks with health benefits. Is that even possible? Air Force Nutrisoda thinks so.

North Americans are on a health kick, or at least some people think they are. These people have decided to forgo flavour for reduced calories, hence the rise in vodka’s popularity as a “diet” spirit. Just between you and I, vodka has pretty much the same calories as whisky, gin, rum or brandy. 

Instead of cutting back on calories with your spirit choice, you should look at the mixer. Diet cola is often a prime choice for weight watchers and calorie conscious. But really, how many rum and Diet Cokes can you have before life becomes so boring you decide to dedicate your life to being a prohibitionist.  

Air Force Nutrisoda is trying to open up the healthy beverage market with a range of healthy, calorie light, nutrient enforced beverages. If you are into vitamins and supplements these drinks might also interest you since each one is designed to target a specific condition, like improved immune response and joint health.


When I received a case of this for review I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can be sceptical about the powers of vitamins and supplements. But I always have an open mind and figured I’d give them a try. Then I thought why not test them out on family members, that’s even better.

The general consensus from the family was that the product range tasted very good. Some people didn’t like the artificial sweetener (sucralose), but those that drank diet drinks didn’t mind. Many people didn’t even notice they were ten calorie, or less, drinks and were pleasantly surprised. They also liked the packaging, which is important in today’s market.

My personal opinion is that the flavour combination are taste good. Pink grapefruit and Guava was very tasty and so was the Watermelon Blueberry combo. I found the carbonation to be a bit heavy, but others liked the carbonation level, so it seems that it’s in the middle. As for the health benefits of these drink, I’m still skeptical, but that’s me.  

Overall the flavour of these products are good. Many of the drinks don’t contain any fruit juice, just carbonated water and natural flavorings. Because they have supplements, like amino acids, glucosamine, ginseng and vitamins added, the price is higher than your standard carbonated beverages, but less than most high powered energy drinks.

As for cocktail creating, I’m not sure you could create anything beyond simple rum and Flex or Gin and Focus. Catchy names, but not really cocktail material. 

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