Browsing the Blogsphere: Part VII

Darcy O'Neil :: July 2, 2007 5:46 PM

blogosphereThe online world of the cocktail just keeps growing. I always like to post about these new sites to help encourage the owners to continue writing. Recognition is the only reward they may get for all of their research, photography, video editing and writing efforts. On a related note, Paul, over at Cocktail Chronicles, has been doing a great job of highlighting the new spirit and cocktail based websites popping up around the Internet, but if you haven’t browsed over there, then here is what’s new.


Underhill Lounge
This site is written by Erik Flannestad who many of you may recognize from the eGullet Spirit and Cocktail forum. Erik has finally taken the leap and join the blogger world. Expect great things from this site.

Gabriel is the author of this enthusiastic new site. The writing is good, and frequent, and has quickly moved up my list of blogs I visit daily. The subject are well thought out and the writing is genuinely interesting, check it out.

Explore the Pour
We can add another bartender to the growing list of blogs exploring all things drink related. Robert is a bartender in Texas and takes a look at everything from beer, cocktails, spirits and industry related topics.

Oh Gosh!
This blog comes to use from England and is written by Jay. The site is pretty new and started with mostly cocktail reviews, but he has started to expand into pop culture drink topics and I’m sure we’ll see more.

Dave’s Drinks
Dave’s blog is a specialist in cocktails and spirits. He has a four star rating system that makes it easy to understand how he feels about a particular drink. Dave likes Manhattan’s, but don’t serve him an El Presidente or Coco Loco please.

The Cocktail Circuit
From the ashes of Martini Republic rises the Cocktail Circuit. The Martini Republic was one of the sites I mentioned in the first edition of Browsing the Cocktail Blogsphere. It is a good read.

Scottes’ Rum Pages
I’m glad Scott likes rum and not vodka. Rum is the most diverse of the brown spirits so he has a lot to write about. Once he’s reviewed every rum I’m sure he’ll hit the Tiki circuit, and that’s a good thing.

Moving at the Speed of Life
Seattle seems to be the hot spot for bartenders. Keith is a resident and has decide to share with us his experiences on Moving at the Speed of Life.

A Grandiose Blog
This is a men’s based “blogozine”. They talk gadgets, manly things and cocktails and spirits. A good portion of the writing has been drink related, so hopefully that will continue.

As usual if I missed you please let me know and I’ll add you to the next edition.

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