Tales Update 1

Darcy O'Neil :: July 19, 2007 3:18 PM

Day 1 of Tales of the Cocktail has been great. I've met almost everyone in the first 12 hours og being here. New Orleans is a very interesting city, and I definately like it. Lots of character in the old buildings and many historical sites to see. But, my agenda is quiet busy so we'll see how much I can do outside of that. Excuse the abundant errors, I'm writing this on a PDA.

The flight down was decent but the 2:30 AM (New Orleans time) wake up and 8+ hours of travel was a rough way to start the day. So when I checked in to the hotel, I snuck upstairs and took a 40 minute power nap and shower to get me going. Once I was up I decided to check out some of the French Quarter. This city definately has a lot of character. Every second building seems to have a bar in it. After the quick tour I went to Ed Hamiltons rum tasting competition. This round was on Rhum Agricole, which I have limited experience with. But overall I found most of them very good. More on the tasting later. After that I hooked up with Paul Clarke (Cocktail Chronicles) and had a Sazerac at the Carosel bar in the hotel. The usual characters were present, like Ted Haigh, Gwydion Stone, Gary Regan, Robert Hess, Cheryl Charming, Tony Abu Ganim, and Joe Fee. After a drink and a couple of loops on the carosel we headed off to the VIP dinner. It was an entertaining walk to Harrahs. The dinner was good and again there were a ton more people to meet and greet. After the dinner, Paul and I headed back for a Sazerac at the Carosel Bar. Then it was time for me to crash. I figured a good night sleep would get me through the week. More soon.

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