Great Start at Tales

Darcy O'Neil :: July 17, 2008 10:41 AM

It looks like this is going to be a Tales to remember. So far this year seems to have more of a party atmosphere and there are a lot of people. This is my first post from New Orleans and there is a fair amount to cover. Hopefully I can keep the posts coming but eventually lack of sleep will catch up with me. So here is what's happening.

After leaving home at 1AM, travelling to Detroit, then Philedelpia, I arrived in New Orleans at about 2PM. When I went to check in my room wasn't ready so I jumped on the Carosel Bar, which I was going to do anyway.

I had met Gary Regan in Philadelphia on the way down so we were already having some good chats, but of course Gary had the same idea and was at the bar before me. That really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Shortly after that Dave Wondrich dropped by and said hi. Then Dani dropped by the bar from the Designer Cocktail Company.

After a couple of rounds on the Carosel Bar we decided to head over to the Napoleon House for a Pimm's Cup. There we met Chris McMillian and Stanislav Vadrna, both great bartenders. After that we wondered through the French Quarter and back to the Hotel for another cycle on the Carosel Bar.

We first went to an tasting session for rum, with Wayne Curtis pouring for us. Then Philip Duff walked in and we had a chat and then made our way to the Carosel Bar. Jeffrey Morgenthaler and John Myers happened to be there so we struck up a conversation. The kind Mr. Duff provided us with a round of Manhattans. A fine gentalman he is.

After that we went to the Bloggers reception and met everyone else. Too many names to mention, but pretty much everyone was there. Of course I had another drink and a bottle of Fiji water. I really don't know what I would do without that stuff.

At about 5:30 most people headed to a gin tasting, but I decided to see if my room was ready, and it was so I finally had a place to take a quick break and get freshened up.

Around 7PM we moved over to the Palace Cafe for the Beefeater welcome reception. Again way to many people to name, but Robert Hess and Jamie Boudreau were notables. It was packed and the drinks were flowing. More of a nightclub feel than a reception.

I think around 9PM we trickled over to Arnaud's for Save the Daiquiri. We spent about 30 minutes there, had a drink and then decided that it was way to loud and moved on. A stroll down Bourbon street lead us to Jean Lafittes Blacksmith Shop. One more drink, which was actually the best Sazerac I've ever had whie in New Orleans.

At about 11PM I shut myself down and went to bed.



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