Guilty Pleasures

Darcy O'Neil :: October 13, 2008 1:52 PM

Welcome to the cocktail blog confessional. It's Mixology Monday time and Stevi over at Two At The Most and has picked the theme of "guilty pleasures". We're going to stick to drink related guilty pleasures today, so don't expect anything too insightful. But, there are lots of drink related guilty pleasures that I enjoy, quietly, in secluded spaces.

1. Vanilla

I love anything vanilla. When Navan came out I think I found my personal favourite guilty pleasure. Vanilla and sugar with some alcohol, what's not to like. I think this guilty pleasure comes from my childhood days and drinking cream soda. Good old fashioned, tooth rotting, vanilla flavoured, carbonated, sugar water.

I'll also admit that a freezer chilled shot of vanilla Stoli, as a nightcap, after a hard bar shift or a night of dancing is a pleasant indulgence. Sometimes you don't feel like putting the effort into making a drink, but still want something satisfying. Chilled vanilla vodka does the trick for me.

2. Root Beer

Eben Freeman, the very talented NY bartender, knows a thing or two about human nature. Many of his cocktail creations are inspired by "moments in life". The idea is to use a drink to take you back to a time or place where you have vivid memories. His cedar wood based cocktail either brought good memories or bad ones, like hamster cages. But the cocktail is more than a drink, it's a flashback to your past.

Good root beer is something that brings me back to my childhood days. I've always liked a frosty mug of A&W Root Beer. I've been researching some old newspaper articles and found that in the olden days Root Beer was originally an alcoholic drink. Some of the recipes I've found are very intriguing and one of these days I'm going to have to brew some "real" root beer.

3. Pina Colada

This is a drink that tends to be frowned upon by cocktail elite, but I don't care. A properly made Pina Colada is sinisterly enjoyable. The problem is that it is very rare to find a good one. To many bars use premix or "cheap mix" that has a horrible burning sensation. I'm not the only closet fan of the Pina Colada, Jeffrey Morgenthaler has put it on the record that he's a fan. I suspect a lot more of you are closet fan's, so open those doors and come on out, be free!

Well, enough confessions for today. I've always been an advocate of drink what you like, just demand that it is of good quality. You shouldn't feel too guilty about what makes you happy. Now head over to Two at the Most and check out everyone else's guilty pleasures.

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