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Darcy O'Neil :: November 10, 2008 12:00 PM

A wretched hive of scum and villainy is the best way to describe Mixoloseum's Thursday Drink Night. If you haven't dropped by for the interactive cocktail chat, then let me explain a little about this weekly event. First, it is usually hosted by Rick (Kaiser Penguin) and Gabe (Cocktailnerd), both blessed with iron livers. If those two don't scare you away, then I won't tell you who else shows up, so let's talk about the premise of TDN.

Basically, it is an online chat area where people discuss drinks and cocktail related stuff. On Thursdays, the goal is to mix up some new cocktails and get feed back from others. Rick usually attempts many of the unique cocktail recipes and provides his non-taster feedback on said drinks. Usually, he’ll make some comment about how its not better than a Wilson’s South Camp Road Cocktail, and to try again.

Gabe is usually riding shotgun with Rick, but Gabe always seems to be preoccupied with people’s mothers. But he does feel obligated to provide feedback on any cocktail you post. As long as it has alcohol, Gabe likes it, unless it’s a Wilson’s South Camp Road Cocktail.

Now, everyone else who joins in the chat are quiet friendly. If you don’t usually have anyone to experiment on with your new creations, then you should drop by and get some constructive criticism. Or if you think you’ve created the holy grail of the cocktail world, then you definitely need to drop in on Thursday.

Occasionally, the two “super-geniuses” will theme the event, but it’s only a guideline and if you don’t feel like following it, that’s just fine. Again, it’s all about making new cocktails and getting instant feedback. Or, if you are into “your mother jokes” Gabe’s there for you.

Now, I usually stop by to see how things are going and occasionally throw something I’ve created into the ring. Unfortunately, this time around, nobody seemed to have Goldsclager stocked in their home bar. But the following cocktail is a pretty decent one, if you don’t feel the use of Goldsclager makes it a frat boy drink, like Rick and Gabe.


1¼ oz Gin
½ oz Dry Sherry
¼ oz Orgeat
1 tsp Goldschlager
Squeeze Lime Wedge

Instructions: Build in a rocks glass packed with ice and stir until well chilled.

If I had access to Creme de Violette, I’d add a teaspoon or so, just to give it some colour and heightened aroma.

Anyway, the Mixoloseum online bar is always open, so drop by, introduce yourself and show everyone your ninja like mixology skills. Or feel free to try everyone’s new drinks and fire off some commentary. I’m usually around after 9PM and will happily indulge and discuss whatever you come up with.

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