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Darcy O'Neil :: April 6, 2009 9:03 PM

Plans for the spring and summer are heating up so get ready to make some travel plans. First, I’ll be bringing the Sensory Perception and Mixology session to Germany in May. This is an updated presentation with some new material which includes anti-bitters (AMP). Additionally, in July I’ll be presenting to brand new presentations at Tales of the Cocktail. The first is Drinks from the 1600’s and then I’ll be doing Sugar: The Science of Sweet. If you like drink history, you’ll find the 1600’s a unique period and if you enjoyed the Sensory Perception presentation, the Science of Sweet is the continuation. Take the link for more info.

Bols Bar Coaching

May 12th and 13th – Hamburg and Berlin
May 18th and 19th – Cologne and Munich

Sensory Perception & Mixology

When it comes to making drinks there is an infinite variation in peoples tastes. Part of this is personal preference, culture and experience, but a significant part is predetermined based on genetics. In this session you will learn whether you are a non-taster, normal taster or super-taster using a few simple taste tests. We will look at how the four primary flavours influence one another and how best to use them in a cocktail. This will help to understand how these flavours are perceived by the different groups of tasters. This knowledge is beneficial for those who are involved in the creation of cocktails and spirits, or anyone who would like to better understand how flavours are perceived.

Tales of the Cocktail
July 8th to 12th
Tickets: $40 in Advance

Drinks from the 1600’s
Friday July 10th @ 12:30 – 2:00PM
Sponsors: Benedictine and Pernod

The cocktail had its birth in the 1800's, but what spirit related drinks did people drink prior to that? This session will take you on a tour of drinks from the 1600's. We'll look at early spirits, like rum and gin, then move to the precursors of bitters and absinthe and discuss Cock-ale. We'll also look at some obscure drinks like "Plague Waters" and early cordials which are now common cocktail ingredients. Tickets

Sugar: The Science of Sweet
Friday July 10th @ 2:30 – 4:00PM
Sponsors: Death’s Door Gin & Barenjager Honey Liqueur

Sugar is an important ingredient in almost every cocktail, and when misused it can lead to disappointed imbibers. In this session you will gain a better understanding of how to balance sugar with other taste components, and use it to create tantalizing cocktails. Attendee's will have an opportunity to taste different sugars, and artificial sweeteners, to gain a better understand of how to use them. We will also show you unique methods of working with sugar, including caramelization, infusion and crystallization. Sugar also makes intriguing garnishes.

More information on these sessions will be coming as we get closer to the events.

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