Tales of the Cocktail Day 2

Darcy O'Neil :: July 8, 2009 1:24 AM

The day started out rainy, which delayed my attempt for Beignets, but eventually the rain paused and I made it out. After that I managed to sort out some technical things, pick up my 35lbs of different sugars for Friday’s session and then prepare for the Drink.Write photography session and so much more.

I met up with Jamie Boudreau and Paul Clarke to head over to the Drink.Write sessions and lunch at Wolfe’s. There we met Isabella Zwack, who is heir to the Unicum throne. In the US Zwack (Unicum Next) is the product of choice, Canada still has Unicum.

After lunch Rick Stutz, Jamie and myself did a 2 hour presentation photography. We basically talked about what works for us and how that contributes to our blogs “personality”. We talked some technical stuff, fiddled with cameras and took a few pictures.

After the photo session, Drink.Write wrapped up as the first event designed to help bloggers be better bloggers. I think it was a success.  We’ll just have to see how all the participants write about Tales of the Cocktail now.

After that I headed back to the hotel for an hour and then headed out to the Martin Miller Blogger reception.  The event was held at M.S. Rau Antiques, which has a huge area filled with rare antiques. A few items were prices in the six digit range so we avoided putting out cocktails down on said items. Overall a very decent event.

After a quick stop by the Mixoloseum House I went back to the hotel to pick up a ticket for the Benedictine Party. Of course I stopped by the Carousel Bar and chatted with Chris McMillian, Cheryl Charming, Philip Duff and in the lobby Jeffrey Morgenthaler.

I then proceed to the Benedictine Party and met everyone else. Some of those included Robert Hess, Wayne Curtis, Ed Hamilton John Myers, more Cheryl Charming, Brian Dressler and many more.

Interesting part theme that Benedictine put together. Check out the Tales Day 2 photo gallery to get some insight.

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