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Darcy O'Neil :: September 7, 2009 8:34 PM

Disagreements are normal, and I'm happy to debate the finer points of bartending and cocktails with anyone. Sadly, some people prefer the angry dictator approach. David Rattner, of National Bartenders School, being one of them. But that's OK. What's not cool is the his inability to separate the topic from the individual. Another charming letter from Dave follows.

After my last post, I expected a little blow-back, some things are predictable.

From the desk of David Rattner:

Apparently we really got your "hackles up", Darcy ol' boy.  Very interesting .....

For this reason, at least, our exchange has been (for me) worthwhile.I expect the venting was therapeutic for you, and I know it will most likely bring a real big smile to the very small and select cadre of other misguided "chemists", "writers" and bloggers who may, on occasion, stumble across (or actually be seeking!?) your myopic "wisdom" in these matters.


(p.s.)   If, in desperate need for some material, you feel compelled to keep re-posting my comments ....... then knock yourself out. My only regret is that I have added fodder to the campaign of a pissant such as yourself.

David Rattner    -    President / Director    -    National Bartenders School
"Through these doors walk America's greatest bartenders"

Other than being mildly entertaining, I thought this might be a good time to highlight one important item on how to debate a topic.

"Don't attack the person, attack the topic."

To loose creditability in any situation, the only thing you have to do is start trashing the person you are debating. For some people, like Dave, this seems to make him feel better. Why state a position on why his school is better, when you can call someone a "myopic pissant", among other things.

Now Vanessa's email was intelligent and well written, too bad she's tied up with National Bartender School.

Bartending schools will always be around, but I don't believe they will be the 40 hour factories they are today. We are already seeing educational courses on well crafted cocktails. Some bar schools are already moving towards quality, and away from speed, and I commend those that are doing that.

As for National Bartender School, there are probably enough people out their willing to part with their money in the belief they will be a real "certified" bartender, to keep them in business.

By the way, the "certified bartender" is pretty much crap. It's just a ploy by the bar schools to make you think you need this "license" to work behind a bar. What "certified" really means is you have passed a TIPS or Smart Serve type program that teaches you how to not over-serve. In many jurisdictions, anyone selling alcohol is usually required to take these courses. It does not mean you are a bartender. Servers get the same course, so you are not special.

Anyway, Dave needs to grow up, he definitely isn't doing his bar school any favours by trashing anyone who disagrees with him. But I suspect that Dave fits the stereotypical "angry bartender" type. Ahh, that fabulous bartender lifestyle, where you become a snarky cretin. Now we know where Moe Szyslak trained!

Watch out kids, going to National Bartender School could make you just like Angry Dave!

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