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Hawk vs. Rooster Fight: Who wins? Well, I just watched that outside and it's Rooster in the first round. Impressive fight.
.@dagreb it's sweet, bitter and familiar. Plus easy to make.
My favourite lazy drink is a dark rum and Coke with a 20ml mini of Underberg bitters added to the mix.
The swelling on my bee stung ear is approaching the comical mark. #beekeeping
Hey look, we've changed the way people think about cocktails. "Shake Your Way Into the Craft Cocktail Trend"
Can it really be called "craft" if it is made in a 10,000 sq ft bottling and packaging plant?
.@susebraids comparing honey with sugar would be a better idea. I do know sugar works when my kids get needles vs no sugar (lots of crying)

G’Vine Day 2

by on February 2011

Very interesting things happen when you take a group of bartenders, mix in some of the best spirits and cocktails in the world and then stick them in a hotel together. And I'm glad I waited until the morning to right this post because we've got some killer material. Whenever an Australian does a striptease to Waltzing Matilda, on boat, you know it's going to be one of "those" nights. But more on that later, there are the G'Vine competition updates to talk about and we are coming closer to crowning a winner in the G'Vine Connoisseur Program.

After a night of alluded to extracurricular activities by the 12 G'Vine competitors, Day 2 started with a session on aromas. These aromatic components are key to a good gin, especially when formulating one. After learning about how humans perceive aromas there was a test to put this new-found knowledge into practice.
The test of the day was the free pouring challenge where each competitor had to pour freestyle (i.e. no jigger) and was judged on the accuracy of their pour. The previous nights actives had a marked effect on their performance. Basically, it showed what alcohol consumption and lack of sleep can do to otherwise sharp bartenders.

If any one of the bartenders had opted to drink fewer drinks, or hit the hay an hour earlier, they could have taken the challenge easily. But, cocktails and sleep deprivation were the great equalizers and no one had a good round. Out of 60 drink poured there were only 2 perfect pours. Even worse, every Negroni poured was short. It wasn't pretty, but it was equal.

Afterwards there was the written test that really tested their depth of knowledge on gin. Definitely not an easy test, and looking over a copy of the exam, I would have failed. If I studied Gary Regans' Gin Compendium  that might have helped.

For the most part, it was an easier day than Day 1 challenge wise, but because of the previous nights celebratory mood the bartenders, I suspect, found it far more challenging than it appeared to me.

After a quick break and a beer at a brassier near the hotel, our G'Vine hosts took us through the old part of Cognac and down to the river for a boat cruise to the Michelin rated La Ribaudiere restaurant for diner.

Now the cruise started off with Gin & Tonics and was relatively quiet, but aged octogenarians these bartenders are not. It started off with one song and ended up with a nearly naked Australian sing Waltzing Matilda on the stern of the boat. Surprisingly it gets even more interesting, there are even pictures*. More on that in the wrap up post, because there is still Day 3 to discuss and the winner of the G'Vine Connoisseur Program.

* Pictures will be posted shortly, I have limited bandwidth on the wireless network here so uploading 200 more pictures is an extremely slow process.

GCP Winner