Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Bartenders Guide or How to Mix Drinks Welcome to the original bartender's guide. This book was first written and published by Jerry Thomas (1825-1885) in 1862. This the original guide on mixed drinks and bartenders reference. This book is a vast resource for making drinks, at least in the 1800's. However, many of the methods and cocktails are as valuable today as they were back then.

This book is over 118 years old and the copyright have long since expired. This means it can be legally published without any legal encumberment. This is such a valuable resource for bartenders that it should be publicly available, since finding original copies is very difficult.

The online version of this book has been divided into 84 pages. A full index of the book is currently being developed, but the book can be browsed using the links on the left hand side or by the back and next links on each page. Each page has a four to eight drinks, so the links do not describe every drink on every page.

In the future a fully searchable version of this book will be published. Please feel free to browse this book and share it with anyone who would be interested. Or, if you are looking for modern cocktails, mixed drinks or commentary on the latest spirit, please visit the Art of Drink.

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