Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide


1. An efficient bartender's first aim should be to please his customers, paying particular attention to meet the individual wishes of those whose tastes and desires he has already watched and ascertained ; and, with those whose peculiarities he has had no opportunity of learning, he should politely inquire how they wish their beverages served, and use his best judgment in endeavoring to fulfill their desires to their entire satisfaction. In this way he will not fail to acquire popularity and success.

2. Ice must be washed clean before being used, and then never touched with the hand, but placed in the glass either with an ice-scoop or tongs.

3. Fancy drinks are usually ornamented with such fruits as are in season. When a beverage requires to be strained into a glass, the fruit is added after straining; but when this is not the case, the fruit is introduced into the glass at once. Fruit, of course, must not be handled, but picked up with a silver spoon or fork.

4. In preparing any kind of a hot drink, the glass should always be first rinsed rapidly with hot water ; if this is not done the drink cannot be served sufficiently hot to suit a fastidious customer. Besides, the heating of the glass will prevent it from breaking when the boiling water is suddenly introduced

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