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5. In preparing cold drinks great discrimination should be observed in the use of ice. As a general rule, shaved ice should be used when spirits form the principal ingredient of the drink, and no water is employed. When eggs, milk, wine, vermouth, seltzer or other mineral waters are used in preparing a drink, it is better to use small lumps of ice, and these should always be removed from the glass before serving to the customer.

6. Sugar does not readily dissolve in spirits ; therefore, when making any kind of hot drink, put sufficient boiling water in the glass to dissolve the sugar, before you add the spirits.

7. When making cold mixed-drinks it is usually better to dissolve the sugar with a little cold water, before adding the spirits. This is not, however, necessary when a quantity of shaved ice is used. In making Cocktails the use of syrup has almost entirely superseded white sugar.

8. When drinks are made with eggs, or milk, or both, and hot wine or spirits is to be mixed with them, the latter must always be poured upon the former gradually, and the mixture stirred briskly during the process; otherwise the eggs and milk will curdle. This is more particularly the case when large quantities of such mixtures are to be prepared. Such drinks as " English Rum Flip," "Hot Egg Nogg"and "Mulled Wine," are sure to be spoiled unless these precautions are observed.

9. In preparing Milk Punch or Egg Nogg in quantity, the milk or eggs should be poured upon the wine or spirits, very gradually, and continually beating the mixture in order to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

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