Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide


10. When preparing cold Punch, the bowl should be placed in a tin or metal vessel about the same depth as the height of the bowl, the space between the bowl and the vessel being packed with ice, and a little rock-salt sprinkled over the surface, which has the effect of producing a freezing mixture, much colder than the plain ice. Towels may be pinned around the exterior of the vessel, and the exposed surface of the ice trimmed with fruit or leaves, giving the whole an attractive appearance.

11. In case brandy, whiskey, or other liquors are to be drawn for use direct from the wood, the cask should be placed upon a skid, a substantial stand made expressly for the purpose, and kept in a place where the temperature is moderate and uniform.

12. Bottles containing liquor should be kept lying down, in order to keep the corks moist, and prevent the strength being lost by evaporation.

13. Casks containing Ale or Porter should be tapped before placing them on the skid, and then allowed sufficient time for the contents to settle and become clear before using.

14. Champagne requires careful treatment. It is not advisable to place more at a time on ice than is likely to be used, because if removed from the ice and again allowed to get warmer, a second icing injures both flavor and strength.

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