Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Martinez Cocktail.
(Use small bar-glass.)
Take 1 dash of Boker's bitters.
2 dashes of Maraschino.
1 pony of Old Tom gin.
1 wine-glass of Vermouth.
2 small lumps of ice.

Shake up thoroughly, and strain into a large cocktail
glass. Put a quarter of a slice of lemon in the glass, and serve. If the guest prefers it very sweet, add two dashes of gum syrup.

Morning Glory Cocktail
(Use medium bar-glass.)
Take 3 dashes of gum syrup.
2 dashes of Curacoa.
2 dashes of Boker's bitters.
1 dash of Absinthe.
1 pony of brandy.
1 pony of whiskey.
1 piece of lemon peel, twisted to express the oil.
2 small pieces of ice.

Stir thoroughly and remove the ice. Fill the glass with Seltzer water or plain soda, and stir with a teaspoon having a little sugar in it.

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