Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Saratoga Brace Up.
(Use large bar-glass.)
Take 1 table-spoonful of fine white sugar.
2 dashes of Angostura bitters.
4 dashes of lemon or lime juice.
2 dashes of Absinthe.
1 fresh egg.
1 wine-glass of brandy.
2 or 3 small lumps of ice.

Shake up thoroughly, strain into another glass, and
fill it up with Seltzer water.

(Use small bar-glass.)
Take one-half a lime or small lemon.
3 tea-spoonfuls of raspberry syrup.
1 wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum.
3 dashes of Curacoa.

Squeeze out the juice of the lime or lemon into the glass, add the rind and the other materials. Fill the glass one-third full of fine ice, shake up well, and strain into a cocktail glass. If not sufficiently sweet, add a little more syrup.

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