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Pousse 1'Amour.
(Use a Sherry glass.)
Take ½ glass of Maraschino.
Yolk of one egg.
Sufficient vanilla cordial to surround the egg.
1 table-spoonful of fine old brandy.

First, pour in the Maraschino, then introduce the yolk with a spoon, without disturbing the Maraschino, next carefully surround the egg with vanilla cordial, and lastly put the brandy on top.

In making a Pousse of any kind the greatest care should be observed to keep all the ingredients composing it separate. This may best be accomplished, by pouring the different materials from a sherry wine glass. The accompanying illustration will give a tolerable idea of how this delicious French drink should be prepared. It requires a steady hand and careful manipulation to succeed in making a perfect Pousse.

Santina's Pousse Cafe.

(Use a small wine-glass.)
Take 1/3 fine old Cognac brandy.
1/3 Maraschino.
1/3 Curacoa.

Keep all the ingredients separate. (See concluding remarks in the preceding recipe.) The Pousse was invented by SANTINA, who formerly was the popular host of a celebrated Spanish Cafe, in New Orleans.

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