Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Currant Shrub.
(General rule for preparing.)
Take 1 quart of strained currant juice.
1 ½ pounds of loaf sugar.

Boil it gently eight or ten minutes, skimming it well: take it off, and when lukewarm, add half a gill of brandy to every pint of shrub. Bottle tight. A little shrub mixed with ice water makes a delicious

Shrub may be made of cherry or raspberry juice by
this method, but the quantity of sugar must be reduced.

Raspberry Shrub.
(To make one gallon.)
Take 1 quart of vinegar.
3 quarts of ripe raspberries.
After standing a day, strain it, adding to each pint a
pound of sugar, and skim it clear, while boiling about
half an hour. Put a wine-glass of brandy to each pint
of the shrub, when cool.

Two spoonfuls of this mixed with a tumbler of
water, is an excellent drink in warm weather and in

Brandy Shrub.
(To make three quarts.)
Take 2 quarts of brandy.
1 quart of Sherry.
2 pounds of loaf-sugar dissolved in sufficient water.
5 lemons.

Peel the rinds of two of the lemons, add the juice of all five, and mix with the brandy. Cover it close for three days ; then add the Sherry and sugar, strain through a jelly-bag and bottle.

Rum Shrub.
(To make nearly four gallons.)
Take 3 gallons of best Jamaica rum.
1 quart of orange juice,
1 pint of lemon juice.
6 pounds of powdered sugar dissolved in sufficient water.
3 pints of fresh milk.

Mix together all but the milk, and let them remain closely covered over night. Next day boil the milk ; and when cold, add it to the mixture. Filter through a flannel bag lined with blotting paper, and bottle, corking immediately.

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