Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Champagne Punch.
(One quart of punch.)
Take 1 quart bottle of Champagne wine.
3 table-spoonfuls of sugar.
1 orange sliced.
The juice of a lemon.
2 slices of pineapple (cut in small pieces).
1 wine-glass of raspberry or strawberry syrup.

Ornament with fruits in season, and serve in Champagne
goblets. This can be made in any quantity by observing the proportions of the ingredients as given above Four
bottles of wine make a gallon, and a gallon is generally
sufficient for fifteen persons in a mixed party. For a good Champagne punch, see Index, " Rocky
Mountain Punch."

Mississippi Punch.
(Use large bar-glass.)
Take 1 wine-glass of brandy.
½ wine-glass of Jamaica rum.
½ wine-glass of Bourbon whiskey.
1 table-spoonful of powdered white sugar,
dissolved in a little water.

The juice of half a small lemon. Fill the glass with shaved ice, shake well, and ornament with fruit in season. Serve with a straw.

Imperial Brandy Punch.
(For a party of twenty.)
Take 1 gallon of water.
3 quarts of brandy.
1 pint of Jamaica rum.
1 ½ pounds of white sugar.
Juice of 6 lemons.
3 oranges sliced.
1 pineapple, pared, and cut up.
1 gill of Curacoa.
2 gills of raspberry syrup.
Ice, and add berries in season.

Mix. the materials well together in a large bowl, and you have a splendid punch. If not sweet enough, add more sugar.

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