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Thirty-Second Regiment or Victoria Punch.
(For a party of twenty.)
(Recipe from the late William H. Herbert, Esq.)
Take 6 lemons, in slices.
½ gallon of brandy.
½ gallon of Jamaica rum.
1 pound of white sugar.
1 ¾ quart of water.
1 pint of boiling milk.

Steep the lemons for twenty-four hours in the brandy and rum ; then add the sugar, water and milk, and when well mixed, strain through a jelly-bag. This punch may be bottled, and used afterward hot or cold. Half the above quantity, or even less, may be made, as this recipe is for a party of twenty.

Light Guard Punch.
(*For a party of twenty.)
Take 3 bottles of Champagne.
1 bottle of pale Sherry.
1 bottle of Cognac.
1 bottle of Sauterne.
1 pineapple, sliced and cut in small pieces.
4 lemons, sliced.

Sweeten to taste, mix, cool and serve as directed in
the recipe for " Rocky Mountain Punch,"

Philadelphia Fish-House Punch.
(From a recipe in the possession of Charles G. Leland, Esq.)
Take 1/3 pint of lemon juice.
¾ pound of white sugar dissolved in sufficient water.
½ pint of Cognac brandy.
¼ pint of Peach brandy.
¼ pint of Jamaica rum.
2 ½ pints of cold water.

Ice and serve. The above is generally sufficient for one person.

La Patria Punch.
(For a party of ten.)
(From a recipe in the possession of H. P. Leland, Esq.)
Take 3 bottles of champagne, iced.
1 bottle of Cognac brandy.
4 oranges.
1 pineapple.

This is sufficient for a mixed company of twenty, not twenty of the Light Guard.

Slice the oranges and pineapples in a bowl, pour the
Cognac over them, and let them steep for a couple of
hours, then pour in the champagne and serve immediately. Ice as directed for " Rocky Mountain Punch,"

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