Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

The Spread Eagle Punch.
(For r. social party.)
Take 1 bottle of Islay whiskey.
1 bottle of Monongahela.
Lemon peel, sugar and—boiling water at discretion.
(See note to Cold Whiskey Punch)

Rochester Punch.
(For a small party.)
(From a recipe in the possession of Roswell Hart, Esq.)
Take 2 bottles of sparkling Catawba.
2 bottles of sparkling Isabella.
1 bottle of Sauterne.
2 wine-glasses of Maraschino.
2 wine-glasses of Curacoa.

Flavor with ripe strawberries. Should strawberries
not be in season, add a few drops of extract of peach
or vanilla. Ice in a cooler.

Non-Such Punch.
(For Bottling.)
Take 6 bottles of claret.
6 bottles of soda-water,
1 bottle of brandy,
1 bootle of sherry.
½ pint of green tea.
Juice of three lemons.
½ of a pineapple cut up in small piecea

Sweeten with white sugar to taste. Strain and bottle immediately. Keep for one month before using. Ice before serving.

Canadian Punch.
(For a small party.)
Take 2 quarts of rye whiskey.
1 pint of Jamaica rum.
6 lemons, sliced.
1 pineapple, sliced.
4 quarts of water.

Sweeten to taste, and ice before serving.

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