Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Pineapple Punch.
(For a party of ten.)
Take 4 bottles of Champagne.
1 pint of Jamaica turn.
1 pint of brandy.
1 gill of Curacoa.
Juice of four lemons.
2 pineapples sliced.

Sweeten to taste with pulverized white sugar. Put the pineapple with quarter of a pound of sugar in a glass bowl, and let them stand until the sugar is well soaked in the pineapple, then add all the other ingredients, except the Champagne. Let this mixture stand in ice for about an hour, then add the Champagne, and ornament with sliced orange, and other fruits in season. Serve in Champagne glasses.

Pineapple punch is sometimes made by adding sliced pineapple to brandy punch.

Royal Punch.
(For a small party.)
Take 1 pint of hot green tea.
½ pint of brandy.
½ pint of Jamaica rum.
1 wine-glass of Curacoa.
1 wine-glass of Arrack.
Juice of two limes.
A slice of lemon.
White sugar to taste.
1 gill of warm calf's foot jelly.

To be drunk as hot as possible. This is a composition worthy of a king, and the materials are admirably blended; the inebriating effects of the spirits being deadened by the tea, whilst the jelly softens the mixture, and destroys the acrimony of the acid and sugar. The whites of a couple of eggs well beat up to a froth, may be substituted for the jelly where that is not at hand. If the punch is too strong, add more green tea to taste.

Century Club Punch.
Take 1 pint of old Santa Cruz rum.
1 pint of old Jamaica ram.
5 pints of water.

With the addition of lemon juice and sugar to suit
the taste, this makes a nice punch. The precise portions of spirit and water, or even of the acidity and sweetness, can have no general rule, as scarcely two persons make punch alike.

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