Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

California Milk Punch.
(For Bottling.)
Take the juice of four lemons.
The rind of two lemons.
½ pound of white sugar, dissolved in sufficient hot water.
1 pineapple, peeled, sliced and pounded.
6 cloves.
20 coriander seeds.
1 small stick of cinnamon.
1 pint of brandy.
1 pint of Jamaica rum.
1 gill of Batavia Arrack.
1 cup of strong green tea.
1 quart of boiling water.
1 quart of hot milk.

Put all the materials in a clean demijohn, the boiling water to be added last; cork this down to prevent evaporation, and allow the ingredients to steep for at
least six hours; then add the hot milk and the juice of
two more lemons; mix, and filter through a jelly-bag;
and when the punch has passed bright, put it away in
tight-corked bottles.

This punch is intended to be iced for drinking. If intended for present use filtering is not necessary.

English Milk Punch.
(To make six bottles.)
Take 2 quarts of water.
1 quart of milk.
1 quart of old Jamaica rum.
2 quarts of French brandy.

Add the milk to the water. Mix the spirits, and pour them into the milk, stirring the mixture for a short time, let it stand for an hour, then filter through blotting-paper into bottles. This would be sufficient for six bottles. If, after filtering, the punch is not clear, the addition of a small portion of isinglass to each bottle will clarify it.

Oxford Punch.
(The Punch patronized by the Students of the University of Oxford.)
Take 1 pint of Cognac brandy.
1 pint of old Jamaica rum.
1 quart of orange shrub.
½ pint of sherry.
1 bottle of Capillaire (see Index).
2 quarts of boiling water.
6 glasses of calfs-foot jelly.
6 lemons.
4 sweet oranges.
Sufficient loaf-sugar, dissolved in some of the hot water.

Rub the rinds of three lemons with sugar to extract the essential oil. Cut the peel very fine off two more lemons and two of the oranges. Press out the juice of all the oranges and lemons. Place the whole, with the jelly, in a jug and stir well. Pour on the water, and let it stand for twenty minutes. Strain through a fine sieve into a large bowl; add the capillaire, spirits, shrub, and wine, stirring well.

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