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Punch a la Ford.
(For bottling.)
(A recipe from Benson E. Hill, Esq., author of " The Epicure's Almanac")
Take 3 dozen lemons.
2 pounds of loaf sugar.
1 pint of Cognac.
1 pint of old Jamaica rum.

The lemons should have smooth rinds. Peel the yellow rinds off quite thin with a sharp knife, place them in an earthen vessel ; add the sugar, aud stir thoroughly for nearly half an hour with a flat piece of wood, to extract the essential oil. Pour boiling water on, and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cut and squeeze the lemons, straining the juice from the pips. Place the pips in a jug and pour boiling water upon them to obtain the mucilage in which they are enveloped.

Pour one-half of the lemon juice into the syrup, strain the water from the pips, and add it also to the syrup, taking care that the syrup is not too watery. Next, add more sugar or more lemon juice, to make the mixture accord to the taste. Lastly add and stir in the above amount of spirits to every three quarts of the lemonade, and bottle.

This punch improves by age if kept in a cool cellar

Punch Jelly.
Take 1 quart of Punch a la Ford.
3 ounces of isinglass.
½ pint of water.

Dissolve the isinglass in the water, boiling; add it while hot to the punch, and then pour into jelly-moulds,
taking care they are not disturbed until the jelly is
completely set.

In a similar manner, orange, lemon, or calfs-foot
jelly can be converted into punch jelly, by using Punch
a la Ford, prepared with less lemon juice. Punch Jelly is a very insinuating and deceptive refreshment, because its strength is not appreciated when partaking of it, and it must therefore be indulged in with becoming moderation.

Dry Punch.
(For bottling.)
(From a recipe by Santina the celebrated Spanish caterer.)
Take 1 ½ pound of loaf-sugar, dissolved in sufficient water.
2 gallons of brandy.
1 gallon of water.
½ gallon of strong green tea.
1 pint of Jamaica rum.
½ pint of Curacoa.
Juice of six lemons.

Mix thoroughly, and strain, as described in the recipe for " Punch a la Ford," adding more sugar and lemon juice, if to taste. Bottle, and keep on ice for three or four days, and the punch will be ready for use, but the longer it stands, the better it gets.

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