Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Regent's Punch.
(Use punch bowl.)
Take 1 ½ pint of strong green tea, (hot).
1 ½ pint of lemon juice.
1 ½ pint of Capillaire.
1 pint of Jamaica rum.
1 pint of brandy.
1 pint of Batavia arrack.
1 pint of Curacoa.
1 bottle of Champagne.
1 pineapple, sliced.
2 oranges, sliced.

Mix the ingredients well together in a punch-bowl, and add the wine and ice just before serving.

Nectar Punch.
Take 4 ½ pints of rum.
2 quarts of milk, boiling hot.
2 quarts of cold water.
2 ½ pounds of loaf-sugar.
15 lemons.
1 nutmeg.

Cut off the peel of the lemons very thin and infuse them for forty-eight hours with a pint and a half of the rum. Add to the infusion the water, the juice of the lemons, the milk, and the nutmeg grated; let it all stand for twenty-four hours, covered close; then add the sugar, strain through flannel, and bottle for use. It is ready to use at any time.

Orange Punch.
Take ¾ pint of rum.
¾ pint of brandy.
½ pint of porter.
3 ½ pints of boiling water.
4 pound of loaf-sugar.
4 oranges.

Infuse the peel of two and the juice of four oranges with the sugar, in the water for half an hour; strain, and add the porter, rum and brandy. Sugar may be added, if it be desired sweeter. A liqueur-glass of Curacoa, Noyeau, or Maraschino is considered an improvement. Instead of using both rum and brandy, one-and-ahalf pints of either alone will answer.

This is also an excellent recipe for LEMON PUNCH by
substituting lemons for oranges.

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