Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Wedding Punch.
Take ½ pint of pineapple juice.
1 pint of lemon juice.
1 pint of lemon syrup.
1 bottle of Claret or Port wine.
½ pound of sugar.
½ pint of boiling water.
6 grains of vanilla.
1 grain of ambergris.
1 pint of strong brandy.

Rub the vanilla and ambergris with the sugar in the brandy thoroughly ; let it stand in a corked bottle for a few hours, shaking occasionally. Then add the lemon juice, pineapple juice and wine ; filter through flannel, and lastly, add the syrup.

West Indian Punch.
This is made in the same manner as Brandy Punch
(see page 65), by adding to each glass a small piece of
preserved ginger, and a little of the syrup.

Barbadoes Punch.
Barbadoes Punch is prepared by adding to each glass of Brandy Punch (see page 65) one tea-spoonful of guava jelly.

Apple Punch.
In a china bowl lay alternate layers of sliced apples and lemons, each layer being thickly strewed with powdered sugar, until the bowl is about half filled ; then pour a bottle of claret over the fruit and let it stand six hours. Pour it through a muslin bag, and it is ready for use.

Ale Punch.
Take 1 quart of mild ale.
1 glass of white wine.
1 glass of brandy.
1 glass of Capillaire.
1 lemon.

Mix the ale, wine, brandy and Capillaire together with the juice of the lemon and a portion of the peel pared very thin. Grate nutmeg on the top, and add a bit of toasted bread.

Cider Punch.
Take ½ pint of Sherry.
1 glass of brandy.
1 bottle of cider.
¼ pound of sugar.
1 lemon.

Pare the peel of half the lemon very thin ; pour the Sherry upon i t ; add the sugar, the juice of the lemon,
and the cider, with a little grated nutmeg. Mix well and place it on ice. When cold, add the brandy and a few pieces of cucumber rind.

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