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White Tiger's Milk.
(From a recipe in the possession of Dr. Thomas Dunn English.)
Take ½ gill of apple-jack.
½ gill of peach brandy.
½ tea-spoonful of aromatic tincture
(see Index,"Aromatic Tincture ").

Sweeten with white sugar to taste. The white of an egg beaten to a stiff foam. 1 quart of pure fresh milk. Pour in the milk to the mixed liquors, gradually, stirring all the while till all is well mixed, then sprinkle with nutmeg.

The above recipe is sufficient to make a full quart of "White Tiger's Milk;" if more is wanted, you can increase the above proportions. If you want to prepare this beverage for a party of twenty, use one gallon of milk to one pint of applejack, etc.

(Use large bar-glass.)
Take 1 table-spoonful of genuine honey.
The yolk of a fresh raw egg.
3 dashes of Curacoa.
1 Claret-glass of red Burgundy.

Heat the wine in a thoroughly clean saucepan until it boils, then pour it gradually upon the other ingredients,
(which, previously, should have been thoroughly beaten
together in a mug or pitcher), whisking and stirring the materials all the while, in order to prevent the egg from curdling. Pour the mixture into a large bar glass, powder a little cinnamon on top, and add two or three cloves before serving.

This seems like taking too much trouble just to make one glass of Locomotive. The following proportions of ingredients makes four nice glasses :

Take 2 ounces of honey.
2 pony-glasses of Curacoa.
1 quart of high red Burgundy.
A few drops of essence of cloves.

Proceed as directed above, and serve in large
goblets previously heated.

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