Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide

Sherry and Bitters.
(Use Sherry wine-glass.)
Take 1 dash of bitters, twist the glass around so that the bitters will cover the whole surface of the glass. Fill with sherry wine, and serve.

Sherry and Egg.
(Use small bar-glass.)
Pour in about one wine-glass of Sherry. Then
break in the glass one fresh egg.

Sherry and Ice.
(Use small bar-glass.)
Put in the glass two or three small lumps of ice.
Hand the decanter of wine to the customer.

Shandy Gaff.
(Use large bar-glass, or mug.)
Fill the glass half full of Ale, and the remaining half with Irish ginger ale.

In England, where this drink had its origin, it is made with Bass' ale, and Ginger ale, half and half.

Half and Half.
(Use metal or stone bar-mug.)
Mix half old and half new ale together.
This is the American method.

"Arf and Arf."
(Use metal or stone bar-mug.)
Mix porter or Stout, with Ale in equal quantities, or
in proportions to suit the taste. This is the English method, and usually, " draw it mild, Mary, the ale first."

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